Do the elderly lose their mental edge?

The short answer is “yes”, but “no”. One of the concerns in dealing with senior homeowners who are getting a reverse mortgage is whether they can accurately assess this decision.  Disregarding those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, some will still worry that most seniors, by virtue of being “elderly”, may not fully know what they are...Read More

Dementia & Humor

From time to time one of our reverse mortgage borrowers is seeking a reverse mortgage to help support a spouse who has dementia or Alzheimer’s.  These reverse mortgage funds are often used to hire home health care which enables the healthy spouse to get out of the house, buy groceries, run errands, and so forth. ...Read More

Music Helps Hearing

A study at Northwestern University in Chicago revealed that people who are in the music field benefit from better hearing as they age.  This does not apply to rock performers and other musicians whose music is played with loud amplification.  Apparently, those of us who do not spend a significant portion of our time in...Read More

Can you save $55,000 over the life of your loan?

You can if you’re like a lot of people with a fixed rate that’s higher than what you can get today. With rates holding steady at record lows, many buyers are getting some of the best long-term value that’s been available since Eisenhower was president. For those already in a home, the question is, “Is...Read More

Children are safer driving with a grandparent!

A study in USA Today revealed some surprising information.  Contrary to what most would think, children are safer driving with a grandparent than they are with their mother or father.  The study shows that grandparents are about half as likely to crash than parents are when driving children.  Many think that seniors are worse drivers,...Read More

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