Here is what our “alumni” are saying about their mortgage and McGowin-King . . .

“Everybody at MK is so helpful.  I am a widow and they were patient and helpful through out the process.  I feel much safer with my new roof.  I closed my loan over a year ago and am pleased to find that they are as cordial and helpful as ever if when I call with questions.” Betty M – Pell City

“Thanks again for all you did in pulling off this refinance. I’ll refer you anytime I hear of someone looking to refinance.” Chris M.

“I’ve always found Travis McGowin to be knowledgeable, helpful, trustworthy, and efficient. Every home purchase and refinance I’ve gone through with him and his team has been smooth and stress-free.”–Candace

“Neal was a big help to me during the reverse mortgage process.  I have no doubt that I can trust him and MK.” B. H. – Mobile

“McGowin-King helped us buy our first home.  They made the home buying process easy and stress-free.  We really felt like we had a team of people who really cared about our needs!”—Matt and Keri Bates

“It has been a pleasure meeting you and doing business.  Don and I feel we selected the best mortgage company for our needs.  We thank you for all your wonderful help.  Our financials are no longer a stress to us!” Martha M – Shelby County

“This was the third time I’ve worked with McGowin-King. They explained every detail of the loan, gave me options, and I never felt pressured. I’d use them again in a heartbeat.” E. McGehee

“Thank you so much for all the help you provided. You proved that there are still good, understanding and compassionate people in the world.” Lori Frederick

“Gentlemen, I wanted to share the below email I received from Kim C who owns USA Mortgage in Tennessee about the Daniel loan. This has to be the first time that a broker who has to refer out a loan, followed up to thank me for putting the borrower in touch with such a great lender. I knew you would take great care of this borrower – thank you for making me look good!” Mark – MetLife

“Mark, A couple of months ago a friend o mine from Rotary called me regarding trying to help her aunt get a reverse mortgage. After speaking with her I realized her aunt lived in Alabama and I would not be to do the loan. I called you and you referred me to one of your best brokers, I think his name was Jimbo in Birmingham. He helped her aunt get a reverse mortgage (hopefully through Metlife) and my friend (and her aunt) were SO pleased. Thank you so much for having me send to someone reputable that ended up making me look good!” Kim C – Owner, USA Mortgage, Tennessee

“Jimbo, I really do not know how to express how you and your dad have helped this family.  It seems that God always brings your family to my door.  Thank again for everything.” Sharon D – Clarke County, AL

“Jimbo, thank you for talking with my father and me about a reverse mortgage.  I appreciate that you didn’t recommended a reverse mortgage for Dad.  I know I can rely on you for honest advice.  It is nice not feeling pressured or being sold a bill of goods.” F. T. – Huntsville

“Jimmy, just a quick note to thank you.  You deserve a gold star for all your help.  I was surprised to learn that you were working at MK and I will always believe this is the confirmation I have prayed for.  Please tell Jim King and Fran Greenberg that we thank them for their help.  Thank again!!” W. K. – Birmingham

“This year, I have gotten a new roof and new gutters and downspouts.  I am hoping to get exterior painting done on the trim at some point.  It continues to amaze me at the high price of even the simplest repair.  Hopefully these measures will aid in maintaining the value of my home.  Thank you again for all your hard work on my reverse mortgage.  It has been a life-saver.” Sally B – Homewood

“Mr. King, thank you.  Your thoughtfulness, kindness, and expertise meant everything to me when you handled my reverse mortgage.  I can’t thank you enough.” Betty G – Montgomery

“Dearest Mr. Dixon, I want to thank you, Fran, and your staff for all the hard work in helping my mom with her reverse mortgage.  I know you all went above and beyond and this wasn’t an easy task.  I am truly grateful for you and your staff and appreciate all that you did.  We are getting quotes today on the repairs for mom’s home.  Thank you!!!” Kathy S – Talladega County

“Thank you McGowin-King!  When [the other company] failed to live up to its promises, you came in and saved the day (and my house!).  I am so glad I found you!” R. W. – Oxford

“Mr.King, we want to thank you for all the help you gave us and how easy you made to get the Reverse Mortgage. Yes, it will make our financial situation easier. Now if we can both stay well! Thank you again!” J. & J. T – Huntsville

“Jimmy, I just wanted to show the before and after pictures. If you are even in this area please come by to see us. Thanks for all you did for us.L. & B. W – Wilcox County

“Thanks for thinking of us poor folks and keeping us out of the rain.  If we ever get any rain, we will enjoy using the umbrella.” Roger and Betty M — Mobile

“Jimbo, it was very nice to have worked with you in the Reverse Mortgage application etc. You and your dad were easy and very prompt answering every question that I had. Frankly I was very apprehensive taking out a Reverse Mortgage but you eased my mind. The absolute professionalism of J B Nutter was a real plus. I am very happy that decided to go through with it. You are right that I got through under the wire re interest rates. My wife and I appreciate your donation in our name to worthy cause. Thank you very much. Jimbo you are a great guy and a great American. Happy 4th of July.Bill and Wilma H – Montgomery

“Dear Jimbo, I want to say thank for handling my reverse mortgage! You were so kind to me and made me feel good about my decisions to get a reverse mortgage!
I am so pleased with the amount I’m getting and happy about my decision to do this. You handled everything with efficiency and kindness. Thank you, Thank you!” Dorothy H. – Mobile

“Dear McGowin-King, your company was so nice to me- who knew nothing about what I was doing.  Jimbo was a delight. He guided me every step of the way. I will surely recommend MK every chance I get. Thank you again!” Elizabeth L – Mountain Brook

“Dear Mr. Hutchinson, I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate everything you did to help us secure the reverse mortgage. Your kindness, patience, knowledge, and work ethic and help through this adventure have meant so much. It is so wonderful especially in this day and age to be able to deal with people who are willing to help another, not just for their own personal gain. We are enclosing this holiday “thank you”, in the hope that you will take some time and enjoy some quiet moments with your family during this special time of year. Hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday season, and a blessed Christmas.G and J Smith – Calhoun County

“Hi Neal. I sincerely do appreciate your help and now concern about the Reverse Mortgage and how it has helped. You guys are the BEST in helping aid older citizens with so many stresses and overwhelming debts. I’ve paid off a few bills and money was available when I needed it for repairs and a large tree removal at the house. I plan to do more house repairs, upgrade appliances, remodel kitchen and bath and some outside repairs. I really appreciate the fact that I can PLAN.  Before I barely paid utilities and mortgage on time. Neal, I don’t know anyone at my age who would benefit from the program right now. Although I will be glad to tell others how pleased and relived I am.
Have a wonderful day!!!” Jean P – Vestavia

“Dear McGowin-King staff, Judy and I want to thank you for helping us out with this. Everyone seemed so sincere about doing the best for us.  Our friends will be looking to do a reverse mortgage in a few months so I’m they will be contacting you.Richard and Judy