Another reason not to be a couch-potato…

We all know the effects that a sedentary lifestyle has on our bodies: increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc.  Recent studies are also showing that inactive lifestyles are leading to increased rates of Alzheimer’s.  Other factors include obesity (more common among the couch-potato group) and smoking.

There also seems to be a symbiotic relationship between sedentary lifestyles and depression.  Those who aren’t active and engaged, are more likely to feel depressed, and if one is depressed the more likely it is that he or she will not desire to do much.

Working solely with Alabama reverse mortgage borrowers, I encounter very few seniors who don’t want to stay active.  Many walk, do yard work, and other activities that “get the body going”.  They recognize what we don’t need a study to tell us: being active is good for mind and body.  And perhaps your yard as well.

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